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From entrepreneur to  documentary,  musician to Lover and preserver of nature, Lemarti does it all.  He has been a source of preserving the Maa culture through his multi-talents that have gotten him recognition both locally as well as in the international scene. Born and raised in ‘Naibor’, a village at the foot of Kirisia hills,Samburu County. Lemarti picked up a local instrument called ‘Njamunge’ and used to play it while herding his fathers cattle.

His passion and dedication to music developed from a young age despite the struggles the community faced. Lemarti’s style of music is linked and backed up from the rich culture he hails from purely rooted to the ‘Maa speaking community’ traditional way of life. Lemarti Lemar Samburu music is a fusion of African traditional and modern music melodies. This fusion of music styles has seen him cut across both the young and old generations with soulful and powerful messages advocating for peaceful coexistence among the different communities found within Kenyan borders.

Lemarti Lemar Samburu music’s first studio album ‘Scars to stars’, was recorded in Nashville Tennessee, U.S and launched in 2015. To date he has gone on to do 4 more albums, ‘Rise Above’, ‘Laleiyo’, ‘Mincho Kinturia’ and ‘Isle Thurro’. The highlight of his music career so far has been the collaboration with international artists Alex Boye and Alishia Poppat on a song titled ‘Circle of life’. Lemarti is not only an established musician but also a talented actor and script writer. In 2008 he featured as a main cast in 3 episodes of an Edu-documentary titled ‘The two Kenyan guys’, produced by National Geographic and shot on location both in Kenya and U.S.A.

In recognition to his advocacy to peace through his music, Lemarti was awarded the CSI Kenya Peace Ambassador Award in November 8th 2019.

Welcome to Lemarti Lemar Samburu music

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Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination.

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Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination.

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